Company Policy

It is the prime policy of the United Veterinary Drugs Industrial Company to provide quality products according to the international veterinary drugs specifications and to meet animals health demands and requirements based on the stability of each product.

The company aims at maintaining a leading position in the local and international markets.

This policy is implemented through the company’s GMP, which covers all the company’s operations and applies to all company personnel.


Engineering Department

Providing engineering services that will enhance the highest quality, most comprehensive services ensuring their increased safety, reliability and profitability of machines and equipment.
Decreasing maintenance costs through consistent, efficient and accurate inspection and engineering services.

Quality Control

UVEDCO has established Quality Control systems to ensure that quality objectives are achieved, these systems cover all aspects needed for best quality of products and to meet custom satisfaction. UVEDCO established complete specifications for starting materials, packaging materials as well as finished products. All necessary and relevant tests are actually carried out in accordance with the ongoing quality control procedures to ensure that no materials used in production are released for use, nor products are released for sale or supply prior to quality has been judged to be satisfactory. Quality Control department applied all QC test according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) , through written and approve Clear standard operating procedures (SOPs) in order to manufacture products of high quality and conforming with marketing requirements. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) conditions in UVEDCO laboratories has been established .

Production Department

In order to keep up with local and international requirements and to practice good pharmaceutical manufacturing (GMP), UVEDCO has developed all production lines and installed modern equipment with high production capacity.
Preparation of annual, monthly and weekly production plans to ensure production of the required quantities of different types of products in the expected schedule in coordination with the Marketing Department, follow up the production plans periodically to ensure their implementation and fulfill their documentation requirements, and submit a monthly report to complete the production plan and clarify deviations with their causes.
In cooperation with the Quality Assurance Manager, he will develop a training plan for the production management staff to be suitable for their work and to develop plans and policies that will ensure the implementation of the company's quality policy, which ensures the quality of the product at each step in cooperation with the Quality Control Manager and Quality Assurance Managers.

Research & Development Department

At UVEDCO our success depend on responsive and productive R&D function and to achieve that aim, we have initiated our R&D dept. aiming at boosting and enhancing the development of cost effective medicines.
UVEDCO has recruited a group of high caliber personal with excellent scientific background in various disciplines to meet the challenges placed on this department, that is the development of high stable, highly safe and highly effective formulations of finished products.
Our pipeline is our pride, it is a state of the art production pipeline and is targeting a broad range of medical needs through achieving the following targets:
-Raising awareness in veterinary field and introducing new products.
-Development of integrated type of veterinary products.
-Applied researches to develop and provide new services, products and activities.
the development process in UVEDCO starts from product selection and passes through several stages of studies up to reach launching and final approval.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance department of the company ensures that the manufacturing process is in line with the good manufacturing process, ensuring that the required manufacturing conditions are met, and reviewing and updating all the records and procedures in different sections of the company.

Registration Department

Registration is a part of R&D department, aim to submit and follow the registration requirements of local and outside regulatory affairs.
Registration section in UVEDCO aim to satisfy the growing needs for registration requirements and the interaction with International Pharmacopoieal Standards (USP/B.P), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP); beside, the relevant international organizations such as: World Health Organization (WHO), Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO).